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Household Goods Shifting

The shifting of any household goods from one place to another or even internationally requires much hard work and utmost care. The goods relating to the household might include the most delicate ones like crockery items, kitchen wares, antique pieces, and other delicate ones. Thus, to protect these fragile goods from getting damaged, professional help is always advised. The most important thing that is saved through this professional help is the time of the family members involved in this shifting process. Therefore, to save the valuable time of the family members in need of shifting their goods in Mumbai, Haryana, we, Hariom Packers and Movers, are here with our skilled and experienced team.

The area of Mumbai, Haryana has a great infrastructure presenting well-defined apartments and also an office area enticing everyone to its beauty. It provides its residents with facilities like a sports complex, recognized schools & institutions, amusement areas, parks & stadiums, and much more. It has astonishing apartments offering spacious flats with facilities which could not be resisted by anyone. It also has an amazing official area which is occupied by various big companies attracting those coming from other states or cities to work here. 

Professionals at The Doorstep

Our firm assigns a team for the shifting of household goods immediately after it gets offered for this service. This team initially visits the customers at each location relating to the shifting process, that is, the place from where the shifting needs to be started and where the goods are to be delivered. This is the most important step for both the team and the customer as this helps in getting information relating to the process. The customer could inform the team about the new house location with the number of goods to be shifted and also the pricing of the process. The pricing of the process needs to be discussed beforehand to avoid any misunderstanding relating to this topic after the completion of the process.

The team delivers all goods to the doorstep of the customer with the information that they get about the time, date, and place of the process during the visit. The information relating to the place helps the customers in finding the best route suitable to transport all the goods without any damage. The quantity of the goods helps the team in finding the best packaging materials so that during transportation there is no damage. They prefer to have the best quality of packaging materials specifically for fragile goods as they are at greater risk of damage. Sometimes, to protect such goods, the team packs these goods within multiple layers avoiding any mishappenings to the belongings of the customers.

Sometimes, the team advises the customer to be ready with goods that are heavier and might take time in cleaning. These goods include appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, ACs, and all other appliances that have or require water. The cleaning done by the customer of these appliances not only helps the team but also saves the time customers in getting their goods delivered on time at the new location. The cleaning of the refrigerator could be done by taking out all food items or any other items stored in it and getting it clean and dried up before the team arrives for the shifting work. In the same manner, water from washing machines and ACs could be taken out and they should also be kept fully dried. All these steps help the team in easy loading these goods on the transportation and delivering them on time without any damage. 

The team brings all the tools and types of equipment that might be required for the shifting process. The main purpose of these tools is to load heavier goods like TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, ACs, coolers, and other appliances that might be required to be shifted. Even before the shifting of devices like computers, or other electrical items, they are dismantled so that there are no mishappenings during the transportation. There are several tools brought by the team that even help in loading the light weighted goods on the transportation with ease and this ultimately helps in the timely delivery of goods.

Other Important Facilities

The transportation that gets selected for this household shifting process is first checked for all the facilities that it provides. This is mainly to ensure that there would be no stoppage in the shifting due to any defect in the transportation itself. The driver that gets selected based on the past experiences and clear background for deriving the transportation carrying the goods of the customer. 

The team always ensures that the driver does not have any involvement with any illegal matters so that the safety of the goods is not compromised. Moreover, we never try to deceive our customers by accrediting them extra in the name of delivery charges or any additional security charges. Such actions shatter the bond that could be developed with our valuable customers through our best and safest services.

The most important facility that is looked for in transportation is the facility of GPS. Through GPS, the authority could easily track the consignment of the customer carrying the goods without any issue. This makes the security of the goods much easier and the customer gets to build their trust in us as they believe that their goods are in much safer hands. Even though every safety measure is taken for the transportation of goods but there are still some minor changes of any mishappenings. These mishappenings might include earthquakes, floods, tornados, or any other such unavoidable conditions or calamities. In such situations, there is a greater risk of the goods getting destroyed even though the safety precautions are followed to their best. For such damages, we provide our customers with an insurance policy when we meet them during our visit to their house. After accepting this policy, the customer could claim us for any damage to their goods.
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It was nice feedback from Hariom Packers, they packed the entire goods very professionally and delivered them to my desired location on time without any damage or delay. It was a really great performance by the entire team.

Best Shifting Services by Hariom Packers
Best Shifting Services by Hariom Packers

I have to planned to move my household goods from Gurgaon to Chandigarh and handover the complete household goods No Broker Packers, my entire goods delivered on time at my home without any issue. The packing process was really great. I am very happy to see the response. Thanks for safe shifting.

Nice Team for Home Shifting
Nice Team for Home Shifting

No Broker Packers Movers make my household goods shifting very professional manner and delivered goods without any damage! Very trusted team.

One of the trusted service provider in Mumbai
One of the trusted service provider in Mumbai

I have shifted my household goods from Mumbai to Ghaziabad with Hariom Packers and Movers last month. it was really awesome relocation. No damage done and on time services. Very professional team. I really recommended to other for safe shifting. Thanks!

Nice Shifitng Team for Household Goods Moving
Nice Shifitng Team for Household Goods Moving

I am very Much Satisfied Your Service Which is Provided By Your Company

Best Service Provider For Shifting in India
Best Service Provider For Shifting in India
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